Unable To Install Cities Skylines Mods? Don’t Worry…

how to install mod manually-no steam

Our Valuable Visitor Asked Us A Question That Was Rather Simple But For New Players It Can Be Rather Difficult. And That Question Was:

how to install cities skylines mods?

Are you also facing issues in installing Cities Skyline Mods? Don’t worry. We are here to help. This article is all about installing Cities Skylines Mods.

We can install Cities skylines mods in the base game by two completely methods. It entirely depends on you. The second method is quite confusing, while another one is straightforward. So, I will recommend the first method.

Install via Steam:

how to install mod from steam
  1. Find the mod list at Cities: Skylines Workshop page. Visit the mod’s page and click the Subscribe button. Wait until files get downloaded completely. (make sure your Steam app has internet access).Restart the game to load new items. Locate Content Manager in the Cities skylines main menu and enable desired mods and assets.

The steam app will keep your mods updated and synchronize subscriptions between your devices.

Install manually:

how to install mod manually-no steam
  1. Find the desired mod (There are different options to help you in finding desired mods). Make sure that the desired mod doesn’t require additional items to run correctly. If it does, then click on the “View required items” option to download all the needed details items. Then click on download. A zip file will be download to your selected location. Extract the file(s)/folder(s) to the appropriate place, depending on its category. For Cities: Skyline mods and assets are stored in user datagame installation directory, and Steam Workshop downloads catalog.
  • User data directory for Cities: Skylines is located at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\.Place mods in Addons/Mods/*. Look like: Addons/Mods/Mod/Mod.dllPlace map mods in Maps/*. Looks like: Maps/ExampleMap.crp. Alternatively, you can copy a directory with .crp file.Place assets in Addons/Assets/* folder. Looks like: Addons/Assets/Assets/Assets.crp
  1. Place game saves in Saves/*. Looks like: Saves/ExampleSaveGame.crp.Restart the game, so that it can load new items. Navigate to Content Manager from the game’s main menu and enable desired items.

This is how you install Cities Skylines Mods manually.

Happy modding!

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