This mod automatically builds roundabouts for you. It clears the area of the roads and snaps them onto the roundabout. Fine Road Anarchy is recommended.

VERSION RELEASE 1.9.1Experiencing issues? Reinstall (resubscribe) the mod

If you cannot run this mod at all (the icon is not showing and shortcut is not working), you can try Extended Error Reporting Mod and Mod Compatibility Checker to find if another broken mod isn’t causing the trouble.
Any ideas on how to make this mod even better? Post them to the discussions section.
Did you encounter any odd behavior? Please report it as soon as possible! It may be caused by the new update(s) and I might not know about it. How to use this mod?

(1) Enable this mod in content manager

(2) When in-game, press CTRL+O or click the icon in the road tools menu

(3) A small window should appear. Hover over an intersection and you should see a red circle representing the roundabout to be built (inner line of the circle = inner edge of the road and vice versa). Click and the roundabout will be built
If you want to build the roundabout with roads automatically connected, make sure that you stay on the main menu! Don’t click ‘Free Cursor’, ‘Elliptic roundabout’ or anything

Before building the roundabout
(4) You can change the radius by editing the value in the window or by pressing +/-
(Warning: the road will be very distorted if the radius is too low. You should not go under 15 units)

(5) You can change the roundabout road in the dropdown menu or by selecting the road in the roads menu (works only for one-way roads by default). After you clicked on the road in the roads menu, click anywhere in the window to reselect the roundabout tool

Any time the tool is unselected while the window is open, click anywhere in the window to reselect it.

Check the “Keep open” box so that the window doesn’t close automatically when the tool is unselected type Policies

If you are using Traffic Manager, this mode automatically sets some policies for you. These include No parking, Priority signs, ability to enter blocked junctions, ability to change lanes at junctions, and disabling crossings. You can disable this feature as a whole or allow the policies one-by-one.
Warning! If you use the local version of TM: PE, it must be located in a folder called ‘TrafficManager’, otherwise, this feature won’t work. Road snapping algorithm

From version BETA 1.1.0, there is a new snapping algorithm. To change the algorithm go to options.
Standard – Respects the direction of the road when snapping it to the roundabout. Connects it at whatever angle the road is.
Old – Distorts the road, but connects it at a 90° angle. More reliable.
Well, I wanted to create an algorithm that would take the best from the methods mentioned above, but for now, it turned out to be too complicated. Or I am just lazy. Tips & Tricks

You can also try Automatic Pedestrian Bridge Builder mod, which makes building overpasses over roundabouts and intersections as easy as two clicks.

With this mod, you can create super cool mini-roundabouts (common in some parts of the world) as seen on these screenshots[]. Underneath is a standard roundabout with a radius of five units upgraded to a highway ramp. Onto it, I moved some tiling with Move It because the roads appear glitched when the radius is so small.

Why did the option to build elliptic roundabouts disappear? Elliptic roundabouts are now deprecated, but you can enable them in the options. See this tutorial on elliptic roundabouts[]

Is it possible to build power lines, cable car wires and other structures that are not roads with this mod? Yes, it is! Just go to settings and tick the ‘Do not filter prefabs’ option. Then every available prefab (linear structure) will appear on the menu.

How to build elevated roads? You can force roads to the elevated mode by using Fine Road Tool. Warning: If you are using a local version of FRT, make sure it is placed in a folder called ‘FineRoadTool’.Important note!

You use this at your own risk! Intended only for the flat ground without buildings! Don’t use on places like an edge of the map.

Before using for the first time, try it at someplace where it can’t cause much damage. If you try to break this mod, you very easily can. Source code & credits

Source code[]

Big thanks to former for his tutorials on Simtropolis, to Electrix from whom I took some source code and for his advice. As well as that, I copied bigger or smaller parts of the code from Parallel Road Tool by T__S, Move It!, Fine Road Tool, and Button shortcuts by SamsamTS, Crossings by Spectra, TMPE and probably others.
Respect to all the boulders without which no roundabout would be complete!

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We have added this mod to our “10 must-have mods for Cities Skylines list”.


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