Prop Precision

Prop Precision cities skylines


Prop Precision:

We are thankful to BloodyPenguin for his Prop Snapping mod. The code of the mod is massively inspired by his work.

By the help of this mod, you can precisely place any assets. This is a new tool but allows older tools to place props with more precision.

This mod can be safely disabled at any time and won’t break your save games. But if it is not enabled, props will fall back to imprecise positions.


Make sure to enable the mod in the Content Manager.

Use More Beautification, Prop Line Tool, Move It!, etc.… to a profit of this new precision.

If you liked Prop Precision mod, please rate it here. Your rating will be very useful for other users, looking for this type of mods to make there game more fun. Also, check Steam workshop.

We have added this mod to our “10 must-have mods for Cities Skylines list”.


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