Ploppable RICO

Ploppable RICO

Probable RICO is the must-have Mod that provides you with perfect cities skylines gaming experience. This Mod gives you extra options for buildings to choose from the inbuilt list.

Authors of Ploppable RICO: BloodyPenguinboformerTailgunnerAJ3D

Last revision: 26 Oct 2018 at 16:43

File size: 96.26 KB

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Updated for Industries DLC by Bloody Penguin.

Plop any buildings by the help of Ploppable RICO mod, that function as:

  • Office
  • Residential
  • Commerical
  • Industrial

The Ploppable RICO mod can convert any compatible poppable asset into a RICO building.

For example, 

  • unique buildings to offices
  • Parks can be converted to farms. 

RICO buildings will function identically to their counterparts. Mixed-use unlimited footprint sizes and buildings are also possible with Sub-Buildings Tabs and Sub-Buildings Enabler.

Assets can be made compatible with the mod, but the mod won’t be required.

Asset authors will need to include a .xml file that contains the RICO settings. The assets will revert to their original poppable function if the mod is disabled. Still, Users can use the asset for its original purpose.

And for asset makers who want to make their assets RICO compatible, follow the Asset Creation Guide. If you’re going to experiment with mixed-use assets, check out the Advanced Guide.

You can find the Settings Panel Guide here.

The RICO mod is fully compatible with the PropaneDragon’s Rush Hour mod and WG’s Realistic Population mod.

A huge thanks to Tailgunner, Boformer, and BloodyPenguin for all of the design input and code they’ve contributed. Also, a huge thanks to coping for his detours library. And a final thanks to the SamSamTS for his UI objects used in Cities Skylines settings panel.

This mod does not save data to the scene file. It can be safely activated and deactivated in your cities with no risk.

You can see the mod in Keralis’s and Strictoaster’s popular YouTube series.

If you like this Mod, then comment and share this Mod with your friends. Because of its importance, have added this Mod to our prestigious list of 10 Cities Skylines Mods You Must-Have.


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