Let Me Introduce You To Cities Skylines!

Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines is a city-building simulation game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox interactive just like Simcity. The producer of this game is Mariina Hallikainen. The designer team envolves Antti Lehto and Damien Morello. This game has a substantial artistic aspect that is crafted by Antti Isosomppi. Composers of this game are Jonne Valtonen and Jani Laaksonen. The game uses the Unity engine. This game was released on different platforms at different times. Like:

Windows, macOS, Linux – 10th March 2015

Xbox One with the help of Tantalus Media – 21st April 2017

PlayStation 4 -15th August 2017

Nintendo Switch – 13th September 2018

This game is a single-player open-end game. Its popularity is because of the features of Urban planings it provides, like:


Road Placement


Public services


Traffic management

Pollution management etc.

This game has a sandbox mode that provides the players with a foundation free environment for creativity.

How It All Started?

Cities Skylines is an advancement of Cities in Motion game developed by Colossal Order’s. Cities in Motion focussed on the designing of an effective transportation system. That’s why you can notice that traffic management is one of the most challenging aspects of this game.

At the time of the release of Cities Skylines, the Colossal Order was a 13 person team. This 13-person team gained its reputation from Cities in Motion series. They wanted to expand Cities in Motion to a more massive simulator game, like the SimCity franchise. And in desperate attempts, they created Cities in Motion 2 using the Unity game engine. But this game failed to provide the players a political angle of city planning.

Thus after a rigorous discussion with Colossal Order, Paradox gave them the green light to develop Cities Skylines.

The primary goal of this game was to simulate a city with up to a million residents successfully.

An educational version of Cities: Colossal Order and the group TeacherGaming developed skylines and released in May 2018.

Cities Skylines Provides Several DLC expansion packs. Below is the list of significant expansion packs.

After Dark 

This DLC was released on 24th September 2015, while the DLC was announced at Gamescom 2015. After Dark added many new things like:

New unique buildings including casino and luxury hotels

Expanded tourism setting

Leisure specialization

Coincidently the release of After Dark coincided with the date day-night cycle patch was added into the game.


This DLC was released on 18th February 2016. This DLC added:


other winter-themed elements

the trams/streetcars

At the release of Snowfall Cities Skylines DLC, one more feature was introduced named as theme editor. That bought new graphics options that enabled players to create the visually different universe, such as alien landscapes, which can be later uploaded to Steam Workshop. 

Match Day

This DLC was introduced on 9th June 2016. This DLC added football Stadium to Cities Skylines game.

Natural Disasters

This DLC was introduced on 29th November 2016 at Gamescom. This DLC added realistic features to the game as:

Natural Disaster,

Disaster response and,

Recovery Services.

Other new features involved:

Scenario editor

In-game radio station.

Pearls From the East

This DLC was introduced on 22nd March 2017. This Cities Skylines DLC brought 

Chinese architecture and of style to the city.

New attractions and pandas.

Mass Transit

This DLC was introduced on 18th May 2017. This Cities Skylines DLC brought vast options for the mass transit system. Such as:


Cable car



Improved computer hub.


This DLC was introduced on 24th May 2018. This Cities Skylines DLC was a mini-expansion. This DLC brought features such as:

Event venues for concerts and festivals, 

Enact laws and regulations relating to these.

Green Cities

This DLC surfaced on 19th October 2017. This Cities Skylines DLC allows the player to implement principles related to sustainable development to cities, such as:

 Solar panel rooftops, 

Electric cars, and 

Other ecological improvements.


This DLC surfaced on 24th May 2018. This Cities Skylines DLC concentrated on features like:

Theme park,

National parks, 



New district policies and 

New assets with a new sightseeing bus line

This DLC also came with park area tool, which helped players to create significant expansions of customizable parks with various buildings and pathways.


This DLC surfaced on 23rd October 2018. As the name suggests, this Cities Skylines DLC brought enhanced industry features to the game. It enables the player to customize the industries further, letting players micro-manage the industries in the game. This DLC helps the user to utilize the resources much more efficiently.


This DLC surfaced on 21st May 2019. This Cities Skylines DLC brought features like University campus zoning and also added different types of campus. Such as:

Trade school, 

Liberal arts college or 


Other additions include



College sports facilities (e.g., baseball, basketball, swimming arenas) and academic works.

After all these improvements to the game, Today Cities Skylines is the best in its class. According to my, every simulator game lover should give it a shot. The base game is cheap, and you can buy it from Amazon.

And if you want to make the game more interesting, you can choose from a ton of Cities Skylines mods available on steam and other places. Thus, we have created a list of 10 Must have mods of Cities Skylines. And If you want any of them, then directly download it from our website without any issue.


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