How To Elevate Roads In Cities Skylines? : Answered Briefly

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We have got many questions from our visitors related to this topic. Questions like:

  1. How to elevate roads in cities skylines?
  2. How to raise roads in cities skylines?
  3. Cities skylines how to upgrade roads?
  4. Cities skylines how to change road direction?

So, I thought to create a separate blog to solve each problem of our visitors related to this issue. In this blog, we will be explicitly discussing these problems. so, first of all, we will start with the first problem, and that is 

How to raise and lower roads in Cities Skylines?

I remember the days when I was a beginner in this game and faced this problem a lot. And struggled with this issue. After a lot of video and Blog, I found nothing. And had to figure it by my self since it is essential to feature that helps you to short your traffic issue in cities skylines.

For increasing or decreasing your height in-game, you have to use your inbuilt game option to choose. 

  1. If you will look into your Cities Skylines homepage and navigate to Option. cities skylines homepage
  2. Then In the Option menu, navigate to Keymapping, as shown in the image below. cities skylines option page
  3. In Keymapping you will find the options like: Build Elevation Up and Build Elevation Down.
  4. Here you will have to check the key assigned for these options. By default Page Up and  Page Down  Buttons are awarded for these. cities skylines option page key setting
  5. You can select the desired buttons for this Option, depending on your convenience. (Note: make sure the newly chosen key are not assigned for other options.)

These keys will help you to elevate almost everything in the game. For example: If you need to lift your road you can do it by pressing page up key. You can even adjust the height by pressing keys multiple times. Because every single time you press these keys, your road height will increase by a unit. 

Now we can hop to the second question, and that is:

Cities Skylines how to upgrade roads?

  1. For upgrading the road in Cities Skylines, you need to select the road type to which you want to update the current version of the road. For example, if you’re going to upgrade a 2-way road into the 4-way road, you need to select the desired 4-way road. 
  2. Then locate a small exclamation mark on the left side of the road list (As shown in the image below). cities skylines road upgrade
  3. Select the exclamation mark option. 
  4. Then move your cursor to the desired section of road that you need to update.
  5. Right-click and drag through the Option to upgrade the road.

After addressing this question, we come to our last issue, and that is:

Cities Skylines how to change road direction?

For changing the direction of the road in Cities Skylines. You need to follow the following steps.

  1. Select the new desired type of road.
  2. Click on the little exclamation mark (upgrade option) as shown in the image.cities skylines road upgrade
  3. Move your cursor to the section of road, whose direction is to be changed.
  4. Left Click and drag to change the direction of the desired section.
  5. BOOMMM! Your road direction is changed.

I hope you liked this blog on “How To Elevate Roads In Cities Skylines?” and if we missed something, please mention that in comments we will appreciate that.

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