Extra Landscaping Tools

Extra Landscaping Tools Cities Skylines mod

Extra Landscaping Tools is one of the must-have mod for Cities Skylines players because this mod gives you a ton of options to make your game more beautiful and realistic. Install it now and see the change. 

Author: BloodyPenguin

Last revision: 20 Aug 2017 at 03:50 (1)

File size: 1.06 MB

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Extra Landscaping Tools was previously called ‘In-game Natural Resources Tool. It allows the player to place natural resources in-game + provides configurable tree brush&pencil, terraform and water tool.

Extra Land Scaping Tool Provides some Map Editor tools in-game (like Resources Tool) and movable ‘Brush Options’ toolbar. Available through the main toolbar icon (see screenshots). This mod also provides its tree brush, which can be customized via the ‘Brush Options’ toolbar. Tree density (‘Strength’) can be easily customized as well as brush size and shape. To use tree pencil mode, hold the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse in single type tree mode. It’s very handy for painting lines of trees or filling areas like roundabouts. In tree pencil mode, tree density depends on the strength slider.

Another feature is Water Tool, which is available through the main toolbar icon and can be configured from the ‘Water Options’ toolbar. Use the manual input field to set capacity values smaller than 0.01 (0.0001 minimum).

In addition to that, this mod extends the Terrain Tool, which is almost the same as Rollo’s Terraform Tool, but uses the vanilla tool and has slightly different implementation of the ditch creator tool. Let’s check the benefits of having this mod.


it’s configurable and free.

It allows for undoing terrain modification. 

Known conflicts:

– Find It!

– Because this mod provides its tree brush.

Latest update:

UPDATE 18 (8/19/2017)

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Because of its importance, we have added this mod to our “10 must-have mods for Cities Skylines list”.


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