Latest Cities Skylines DLC Bundle Is Out Now!

cities skylines modern city dlc

Cities Skylines latest DLC is out now, named as; “Modern City Center”. In this DLC modder Jason “AmiPolizeiFunk” Ditmars added 39 unique models, which features new wall-to-wall commercial buildings. Another addition is the 16 original songs which are centred around a modern lounge music theme and retro vibe from DJ Troy Anderson. This mod is available on platforms, like:

modern city dlc

Content Creator Pack: Modern City Center

The first feature in this DLC is the addition of wall-to-wall commercial buildings that helps the payers to optimize their game space. This feature helps the player to add more structure in the same amount of space. And with the addition of mods like 81 Tiles, this will be fun to play the game.

This DLC is the first pack to include semi-transparent glass barriers and awnings, allowing both modders and veteran builders alike to create amazing new cities.

cities skylines latest dlc

Thus, being a massive fan of this game. I highly recommend all players to try this Cities Skylines Latest DLC. And I assure you that this will be a fun experience for every Cities Skylines lover.

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