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Today I’ll be talking about some beginner elements on how to start your cities in Cities Skyline. Now, this is a question I’ve had a lot. Where people have been asking me questions like: 

  • I’m having issues with managing electricity managing finance, getting the city side. 

Once the city is up and running, it’s much easier to manage. You will have problems that need to be solved, but the fundamental problem that most beginners players seem to have is just getting things up and started, and you know managing those first hurdles that come along is tricky. So I’m going to go through, and I’m going to talk about how I would approach setting this up, and I’m going to try and do it as quickly as possible. 

Now, this is a map that I found recently. This map is called Beach Shores, you can download this right now from the Steam Workshop and if you are again a beginner to the game. It’s incredibly easy to do. All you are needed to do is click the link, and it will automatically download that for you. And the next time you go,  Beach Shores will be there for you to play. So, it’s effortless to do. And you can do this with any of the maps that are on the Steam Workshop. But let’s get back to basics, let’s get back to the very beginning of the game right now if you have never played before chances are you’re probably not reading this article, chances are you’re reading this article only if you have played the game a bit already and found it a little frustrating. Trying to figure out

  • solution
  • Hey, where did I go wrong?

I played city skylines a lot since the game came out. We’ve had several massive play tours. So I played the game reasonably well. And I can give you some thoughts about what I’m saying is Sydney what I like to do, but these kinds of decisions are always somewhat subjective, their quite personal preferences depend on how you want to play the game. Do you like to be very kind of specific and personal? You’d like to keep things in a very sort of grid format very efficient. Because with any management game like this, people play in different ways. Whether they want to be very efficient with it, or if they wish to play in a kind of more fluid, and let things happen dynamically, which it tends to be how I want to play.

So, when you come at the start. The first thing you face is, “Where do I need to start building?”. Well, first of all, you’re going to put down your water stuff, and I’m going to assume that people reading have got at least a very basic understanding of the game but before we get to that, we need some roads and hence, it is the very first thing we need to do. Now, I usually prefer to take off snapping tools because I like to have a bit more control over what it is I do. Now, you will see that many assets in the game are not yet unlocked. You don’t have all types of road unlocked in the starting. And that’s because the play opens the assets in installments as you go ahead in the game and increase your town, which makes growing the city easier for new players. On the other hand, you can use an inbuilt mod in the content manager to unlock all the assets in the beginning. But this makes the game complicated as you will get a lot of options to choose from.

 So, I like to pre-create a roundabout because it allows the traffic to flow very fluently. After creating the perfect road, we’ll need water and power access in our cities, as they are basics for sustaining our citizens. But we have to be careful while doing so. And make sure that we are using very little money as we only have 70,000 in the bank. In the case of water, we also need to ensure the direction of the flow of water. For checking the flow of water, we can check the flow arrow. We are doing this to ensure that we place our sewage outlet going downstream. Now we also need to think where we are going to have our industry and residential areas after deciding all those things.

We will have to create Powerlines connecting all these things. Now, if we look at this, you got to think about how and where we want it placed, you can put it wherever you want to, in essence, you can set the atmosphere here accordingly. But first of all, we’re going to have some other bits and pieces appropriately placed, such as medical, fire and police facilities for our citizens.

Okay, now I want to start getting people coming into the town my time pretty soon. So I’m going to begin zoning very straightforward and start our city. At the very beginning, it is wise to have just a fairly basic setup right. 

We have to be careful about the decisions we are making regarding our money. We will have to look at the pros and cons, and this is the key. Especially at the very beginning, managing your money and other essentials like water and electricity are crucial. We are required to keep those services up and running. But there are other things that we can make choices about, such as police, fire, education, healthcare, etc. for example, look at the electricity tab, the base cost of the windmill is 6000, the upkeep is 80, per week. And in the case of the coal power plant, it’s much higher, i.e., 19,000, but the upkeep cost is 560 per week. So a lot more than that of the windmill. But, on the other side, a mill is producing 8 megawatts, whereas the coal power plant is going to produce 14 megawatts. So, we need many more wind turbines in order actually to get up to what the coal plant is providing. So if we’ll go with windmills, then it will require more installation and upkeep cost as compared to that of coal power plants, it will also require more land space as well. If we take noise into account, obviously the windmill will produce more noise than that of coal power plants. The coal plant produces sound as well, but you know you can keep in an area away from the city. The only last thing, of course, is the environment. The wind turbines are cleaner than coal. So what are we going to decide? Well, if we are going to multiply this up? We’re going to need at least like four or five turbines to get up to what we are getting from a single cold plant. Let’s say it’s five, so five turbines, that’s going to be 30,000 worth the outlay for the coal plant, is 19,000. But on the other hand, 80 per week you times that by 5400 per week. So, it’s relatively close there.

It comes down to just kind of your own decision. We are just going to go with the coal power plant, to begin with, and I’m actually like clean energy, and I like going for the wind turbines, but only because we have limited money, we will go with the coal.

Now to provide electricity everywhere, we need to join the blue section that represents electricity space. So I’m going to choose pylon from the electricity tab, and it’s going to help us connect all the different places that require electricity. And again, as I say, I’m assuming that most people watching might have a basic understanding of the game already. 

We will start playing and see the power comes on. And then it’s going to connect through ping ping ping, and yeah, we’ve got power, and we also have water now. So we got all our services up and running. So that’s how the most sort of basic setting done, now we can worry about getting people into our town, and we can see we’ve got down the bottom here are three little tabs Green (residential), Blue (commercial) and Yellow (industrial and offices). And so we’ve got a very high demand for residential because we just started. So we can go ahead, and we can now begin to fill these in, but don’t fill in too much at once. Okay. Because what will happen is that if you look at the power. You will see that the power spreads as the building comes up. So, if you will zone too much, those houses are going to be isolated from the power grid. Now maybe a little while before they get connected up, don’t worry too much. In the very beginning, if you have a negative weekly income, that’s normal at the start of your game, and this will be changed up as we go along. Now, there’ll be houses build, but they will require little water tubes because they need water and sewage. So we will have to create some more pipes.

Now we’re going to build some commercial because we haven’t created any yet. These people want shops and places where they can buy stuff. So we are going to put in some commercials by just clicking on the commercial zoning tab.

I’m going to keep saying all the way through. If I’m skipping or maybe a little bit quick for some people and going over the step by step, it’s because I’m assuming people have got a fundamental understanding of the controls of the game.

If you miss something, go back. Or write in the comment section for help.

Okay, so now we’ve got our little town up and running, but now these guys are going to need some jobs some people can work in the commercial shops, but they’re generally going to need some other things. If people need work, and that’s why the industry tab will start creeping up now, we’re getting more demand for that because people need jobs. So, we’re going to start making money too because we’re losing money. We need to keep your industry away from the main town. The reason you want to do this is that it’s noisy. It’s dirty, and you don’t want that, near your city.

You would probably see the industry getting built now.

And once we get the industry tab down, we’re going to have enough money in some revenue coming into the town in general, and the taxes are going to start paying for things. And you see that a weekly income will steadily begin to go in positive as the industry will grow.

So we’ve got the industry up and running, we can now see that our finances or weekly income have increased quite dramatically. So now we can start just building up the town in earnest, you can see that now that we have jobs, taken care of and this town is developing, we can push it further we can start getting more residential.

Now we can be a bit more creative, and you don’t need to work always in a grid, you can be more creative. Some people like to be very efficient about it, and worry about how many houses, can you get into x y z grid or whatever. I don’t care about that myself at all. I play for the enjoyment of the game. I like to sort of be more creative and be more random with how my towns look I want it to be a bit more sort of fluid and so on. So we’re going to start just getting more housing here.

It’s going to start filling this in, and again at the beginning like this, you know, you can be entirely methodical and planning about it, if you wish, or you can do like you want, and you know it’s okay it’s going to be all right you know we’re going to get through it. You can start putting the stuff in here, and you’ll see that it’s naturally growing. 

We’re still making a little weekly income, but hey, you know we could make some more money. So now we’ve got our taxes available, we can go into budget, we can adjust your budget back and forth. Most of the time, you can tweak it a little bit later. I didn’t worry about it too much, but you know if you find that because the reason is that things move on quite quickly in the beginning. So we are going to put most of these up to about 11. You can put them up to 12 if you want. We can see that our bank balance our weekly income is going to start shooting up now because we’ve got taxes coming in better.

Now they’re starting to demand more rubbish collection more garbage collection, and you can tackle `this problem by adding landfilling sites away from your cities.

Somebody said another day that they were having some trouble with managing the money, and they were saying well I built this and that, and I didn’t have money to create something when they needed it. Well, don’t panic, don’t grow everything at once, build stuff as they need it, because that’s how it will work.

You can. Our citizens can wait for a little while before you solve that issue. You don’t need to panic and deal with it immediately. Okay, so we put that in there now we got those other things we need like healthcare, education, but, you know, are we going to spend all our money on that immediately. No, don’t need to spend our money on that quickly. Just wait. It’s fine.

To start growing the city, you know, because you need to improve the city and satisfy demand simultaneously, and you can’t just spend all your money on building all the new resources, straight away, because you still need money for building roads and all those other buildings. The pipes for water, getting electrical stuff running, you got to do all these things yet.

It would be fun even bothered to make that road curve a little better. I guess what I’m trying to get across to people is that the design you layout your streets is not the end of the world. 

You can go forward with the requirements. Slowly you will find that many kinds of stuff are getting unlocked as the city population increases. Don’t panic, go slowly, and fluidly. 

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