Automatic Pedestrian Bridge Builder V1.7 [pre-alpha]

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Author: kian.zarrin

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Automatically build pedestrian bridges over junctions/roundabouts.
Also able to connect alleys to main roads (see screenshots)Usage instructions 1- select your desired pedestrian path
2- Pedestrian Bridge Icon c(See screenshot)
3- Click on a junction, roundabout or alley end OR

1- Press Ctrl+B
2- Click on a junction, roundabout or alley end
Known issues

– Tool does not get disabled reliably. best way to disable it is to switch to another tool.
– alley to main road does not work on bend nodes and sometimes tries to build the path on the segment.
Related mods

Traffic Manager to ban Pedestrian crossings when the bridge is built
Hide Crosswalks Mod to visually hide zebra crossings when disabled.
Automatic Roundabout builder to build roundabouts.
Move It! to move around the built pedestrian bridges if necessary.
Undo It! to undo Pedestrian bridges
New features

– you can select different paths.
– More precise pedestrian paths.
– add support for curved roads
– support for more roundabout shapes such as Elliptical or square.
– T junctions and roundabout with angle >= 180 are now supported.
– moved tool button to Paths panel
– make space when roundabout entries are too close to each other.
– pedestrian paths to connect alleys to main.
Coming soon

– bridge over road.
– tool cursor update.
How to report Problems What to include – what where you doing when the problem happened
– what is the problem.
– what do you expect
– output_log.txt and PedestrianBridge.log
– screenshots


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