Automatic Bulldoze

Automatic Bulldoze

Automatic Bulldoze mod is the must-have Mod that provides you with perfect cities skylines gaming experience. This Mod gives you the freedom to expand your city without worrying about the abandoned buildings in your city, by automatically bulldozes the abandoned buildings in your city.


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Automatic Bulldozer mod of Cities Skylines Is a very helpful mod because it automatically bulldozes the abandoned building in the game.

No UI or options, just works!

Compatible with the latest DLC Campus.

Please note that burned or collapsed buildings are not considered as abandoned

If you want Bulldozer that destroys everything including burned/collapsed/flooded etc. checkout:

Source Code:



-Crash fix: Bulldoze the game’s simulation manager now handles calls

How it works:

Unlike other bulldozer mods, these mods try to minimize the chance of breaking between updates.

This mod is achieved with having no UI or options. The performance is also excellent. Even though it runs once per second, it has only to iterate the small list of players builds buildings, which isn’t CPU intensive.

Size only 0.008 MB 

  1. The Mod checks once per simulation second (When the game is not paused) for abandoned buildings
  2. It keeps track of buildings to minimize the collection size it has to iterate through.
  3. Once abandoned building is found, the request is made to the simulation manager for its removal.
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We have added this mod to our 10 “Cities Skylines Mods You Must-Have“.


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