81 Tiles Mod

cities skylines 81 Tiles mod

81 Tiles Mod is the must-have Mod that provides you with perfect cities skylines gaming experience. This Mod gives you extra space or a bigger map with 81 unlockable tiles in total.

As of 1.1.1b, I’ve already removed the building zone to get the mod in a playable state. Zones should usually work. Rezoned are required to be bulldozed manually.
This won’t break your game saves, but never overwrite on old saves!
You can unlock all the 81 tiles normally, or press Shift + U to unlock all (Game will freeze for a while).
Known Issues:
Water overlay is rendered with funny edges, and this can’t be fixed.
You can unlock any district normally, but the UI is a little sketchy. And the camera does not show all the tiles properly. Sometimes the tile will fail to open. If that happens, unlock again.

If you liked 81 Tiles Mod, please rate it on the Steam Workshop page. Your rating will be very useful for other users, looking for this type of mods to make there game more fun.

We have added this mod to our 10 “Cities Skylines Mods You Must-Have“.


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