Best Cities Skylines Mods You Must-Have.

must have cities skylines mod

I have been playing Cities Skylines for more than five years. I concluded that mods or you could say ” Cities Skylines Cheats” makes the game very fun, easy and beautiful to play. After a lot of research, I have concluded this list of best Cities Skylines mods. That I believe every cities skylines player should have. I have described each and every mod very briefly.

1 – Loading screen mod 

Loading screen mod Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines mod list begins with the Loading screen mod of Cities Skylines. This is the most important mods that every player should install.

These mods contain an optimized custom assets loader, that is significantly faster than the built-in loader from the game. Also, it provides information on loading screens and then also includes assets, even if you’re not using them yet. And of course, it shares standard textures among the assets. 

So you don’t have to load them more than once.

Of course, there’s a lot more stuff behind it, but in the end, what it matters is that it makes you loading time a lot faster, so if you have many mods installed and mainly many assets. You need a loading screen mode to make it faster. 

Using the Loading screen mod is very easy. Just install the mod and forget it. It does its job itself.

2 – Extra landscaping tools mod

Extra Landscaping Tools Cities Skylines mod

After playing this game for more than three years. An essential thing in the game is making the cities more realistic and beautiful. 

The Extra Landscaping Tools mod does what it says in its title. It provides more landscaping tools and options. And helps the players to make the cities more beautiful. Some of the crucial tools in this mod are:

  • Terrain Tools that are easy to use. There are four types of these tools, as shown in the image below. 
  • Tree brush.
  • Configurable water tool.
  • Resource brush.
  • Prop brush.
  • Keys and canals.

This mod makes map editing so easy and is one I’d recommend for so long. This is a must-have mod. That’s why it is placed at number two on the list.

3 – Move it! 

Move it mod Cities Skylines

SamsamTS developed this Cities Skylines mod. He also created mods like Automatic Emptying. He makes super useful mods!

Thus I say, this is the most essential and useful mod that you need. This mod gives you a superpower to move anything and everything. Anywhere you want to want to move in the game.

Vanilla game is very rigid about the placements of the assets in the game. But this mod breaks the bondage of vanilla game. And even allows the player to place assets overlapping each other, which helps in the excellent management of space in the game.

It even enables the player to move the entire section of the city and move anywhere. The list of what this mod can do is very long. 

Some of the essential things that this mod can do are:

  • It can move a single node or complete section with the help of two different options on the mod. As you can see in the picture.
  • It can help us align different nodes in the game to the same height.
  • It helps us to copy a specific section of the map and recreate the same pattern anywhere on the map.
  • Built-in Buldozer. You can select a large portion and delete it complete section in one click.

I believe this is the game-changer for Cities Skylines. 

4 – Fine Road Tool 

Fine Road Tool cities skylines mod

After the Move it mod, we have Fine Roads Tool that gives you a few more options when you’re placing roads. You can choose if you want the path to stick on the ground or make it a bridge or even a tunnel without being automatic so you can select whenever you want.

Plus, it turns on anarchy that gives you the possibility to place your road on impossible places. It’s just a game that doesn’t allow you to build away in any section of the map by saying that the slop is too steep, but with anarchy, it will enable you to do that.

This mod gives you a lot more freedom to place your roads and to build more and more stuff with it. So it’s crucial, and honestly, I don’t know how to play the game without this mod anymore. Thatswhy its in the list at number four.

5 – Network Extensions 2 

cities skylines Network Extensions 2 mod

And since we’re talking about roads. The next mod is called network extensions 2. You need this if you want to have more types of ways. If so, then this mod is a must-have because it gives you a lot more roads to explore and use in your cities.

And when I say, a lot more routes, I mean, different kinds of roads, various sizes of streets, roads with different density, which is also vital for proper traffic management in cities skylines. It will also help you out when you start having traffic issues because maybe you have much traffic on a small road.

But what if you could transform that small road by a higher density road without being too different from the size of the actual more minor way you have, and this mod provides you various options to choose from.

6 – Ploppable RICO 

cities skylines Ploppable RICO mod

Next, we have Ploppable Rico. This mod allows you to plop buildings that function as residential, industrial, commercial, and even offices. Ploppable Rico is basically to use when you think that placing residential zones will be not able to give you the style and look you want for your city. 

Because if you place a residential zone or a commercial or just setting zones, you don’t have any control over the kind of building that is going to build.

 So, by using Portable Rico, you can place a specific structure that you can download from the same workshop.

And you have like hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of buildings out there that you can use as Ploppable Rico and many of them extremely beautiful.

You can say is you can have a little bit more of your personalization in your towns. So for me, it’s a must-have for those mayor’s that want to see things built into the smallest detail, and Ploppable Rico will help you out with that. 

7 – Traffic Manager: President Edition 

cities skylines Traffic Manager mod

Sometimes managing traffic in Cities skylines becomes very problematic. Especially for the new players. There are different methods for controlling the traffic in the base game without using mods. Some of them are:

  • Lane management
  • By using Roundabouts
  • By using Ban Heavy Traffic Policy in your cities.
  • One must create more than one entry and exit points. 
  • Creating fewer intersections. (For further knowledge about managing traffic without mods. Please refer to this video.)

But there is a problem. For managing traffic through these methods, you need to have good knowledge about how AI traffic in cities skylines works. But many players find it challenging to understand AI traffic.

Thus, the Traffic Manager mod was introduced to help new city builders to tackle the traffic problems in cities skylines. This is the community favourite at the moment. This mod helps you to control the traffic in your town.

There are different options in this mod that you can choose from. Such as:

  • No Parking
  • Despwning of vehicles
  • Priority Selector.
  • Modify speed limits
  • Vehicle restrictions
  • Junction restrictions 
  • Parking restrictions
  • Advanced vehicle AI

The Traffic Manager mod comes inbuilt with its own Advanced Vehicle AI, which helps in the proper movement of traffic across the city. The Fluency of traffic effects the happiness level of citizens, and thus the city grows.

Thus. I recommend you to have this mod even before starting your city. Unless you’re one of those skilled people, who figure their traffic outright from the start.

8 – 81 Tiles

cities skylines 81 Tiles mod

This is a map mod that enables the content manager to unlock 81 tiles in the given map. It provides a vast area for development and beautification. 

This Cities Skylines mod is essential because when you start to expand your cities, the most common problem faced by players is the shortage of land for increasing the town. This mod can help you resolve this problem of the lack of land.

9 – Improved Public Transport 2

cities skylines Improved Public Transport 2 mod

Improved public transport mod will help you manage your public transport it provides you with more information about your public transport lines, allows you to edit your vehicles, and a lot more missing from the base game. 

Still, I have to say that if you have mass transit DLC. Some of these functions will be available there. But they will be more limited, so this mode will give you a lot more information, a lot more stuff you can do, a lot more things you can manage, like your public transport. So, in the end, this is a must-have mode when it comes to managing your public transport.

10 – Automatic Bulldoze

cities skylines Automatic Bulldoze mod

One of the most frustrating things in cities skyline is abandonment. The game requires you to bulldoze it manually. If You don’t, the number of problem start. Such as:

  • land value goes down,
  • Buildings around the abandoned one also begin abandonment, and
  • Slowly the whole city gets abandoned.

And manually bulldozing the buildings requires considerable time and patience. Sometimes, While bulldozing the abandoned buildings, players bulldoze the live buildings. This causes a further loss in the city population. Who has time for all that?

Thankfully, We have the solution. There’s the Automatic Bulldoze mod, and it does what it says. It automatically bulldozes the abandoned and burnt buildings.

So, you can focus on much more critical aspects of the game and enjoy it. You can find this mod in Cities skyline mods section.

You can easily download Cities Skylines Mods by clicking on the mods list. Or visit the steam workshop.

I hope you liked the list of must-have mods of Cities Skylines.

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